U ROCK – what is U ROCK?

U ROCK is the acronym for Te Kura o Wairau’s values and school wide positive behaviour system.

U simply stands for ‘You’ as a person

R stands for Respect

O stands for On To It

C stands for Cooperation

K stands for Kindness

Our UROCK statement of purpose aims to:

Create a positive learning environment that the whole school community understands and consistently abides by.

Have a common set of values that are the foundation for our school culture .

Teach critical skills that empower our whole school community to be responsible, positive role models.

Develop a common understanding of behaviours and how to deal with them in a positive, predictable and consistent way.

Celebrate everyone’s success and encourages ‘Raising the Bar’.

The breakdown of each of the values through Staff, Student and Community input and consultation, now drive the teaching of U ROCK within our classrooms, out in the playground and also out in the community.



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