Kia ora

‘WOW’ 3 terms have already zoomed on by, and throughout this time I can with certainty state that we are all living our schools ‘Mission Statement’ which says….

‘At Somerset Crescent School we work towards achieving our dreams’. We are “Raising the Bar.”

Our schools ‘Vision Statement’ states that we are a school where we…

Have fun;
Raise the bar and strive for excellence;
Are active users, seekers and creators of knowledge;
Celebrate creativity and diversity in ourselves and others;
And are actively seeking and supporting community engagement.

Just like our schools ‘Mission Statement’, we too are living and learning through our schools ‘Vision Statement’. Here are some examples of how our children, staff & whanau are achieving their dreams and raising the bar through our schools ‘Mission & Vision Statements’ ….

Students are making academic progress in their Reading, Writing & Mathematics;

Parents & Whanau are attending our Teams Whanau Hui’s so they can learn more about how to best support their child/ren at home with their learning;

Our Student Led Conferences celebrate and acknowledge each of our students and their families by connecting to their strengths, and valuing the relationship between school and home;

Our UROCK days recognise our students’ positive behavior and bring much joy and happiness to everyone when we celebrate these together as a whole school;

Our large number of Sports Teams who participate and represent our school every week/weekend are experiencing success in their chosen sport and through their team involvement;

Our Language Festival highlighted the many cultures we have across our school that we got to hear, see and recognise;

And the Cultural Experiences we have been involved in so far this year have enhanced and showcased our children’s skills (e.g. – Pacifica Pride performing in the community &, Hau Pihi performing at Pae Tamariki).

What is so exciting is that through these ‘Mission & Vision Statements’ our children are learning and developing their skills to be productive and positive community members. They are doing this in a

UROCK way by…
Showing they are respectful;
On To It;
And Kind.

They are celebrating alongside one another and contributing with a humble confidence that shows their strengths and interests.

I am so impressed with the commitment our students have shown in their learning journeys so far this year, and in their commitment to the other curriculum areas that assist in broadening and strengthening their characters and future opportunities.

What an exciting time to be learning and involved in education at Somerset Crescent School. I look forward to updating you all about the second half of this year.

Ka kite ano

Teena Johnson




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