The Principal

Teena Johnson is the principal at Somerset Crescent School.

I am truly honored to be the new Principal of Somerset Crescent School and to be joining the community again. I bring with me 26 years of teaching experience from New Entrant to Year 8.

I started my first year of teaching at Pahiatua Primary School followed by five years at Milson School. I then won a promotion and went to West End School as the Senior Team Leader. From there I worked at Ashhurst School as Assistant Principal for six years and then became Deputy Principal/Senco at North Street School in Feilding for eleven years.

I have had 19 years of ‘leadership apprenticeship’ that holds me in good stead and will support and shape the next few years as your Principal.

Patrick, my husband and best friend of the past 26 years supports, encourages and motivates me as I continue my career in education. We have identical sons Connor & Quade who are 17 years old and attend Feilding High School as Year 13’s. My family and friends mean the world to me. I enjoy spending time with them and have so much to thank them all for.

I enjoy making connections with people and establishing strong relationships that support future goals, aspirations and dreams that will lead to us all ‘Raising the Bar’. Somerset Crescent School has been and is in great hands. Staff are kind, strong, effective, authentic and passionate, and work with the highest level of integrity. I am very proud to stand beside them and have begun to learn more about everyone as we spend more time together. The students are very caring and loyal to all those who are part of their learning journeys and lives. They take on board responsibilities with pride, are thirsty for knowledge, and strive hard to achieve their next steps. I am learning lots of new names and receiving daily hugs and well wishes. Whanau have been very supportive and friendly and I look forward to meeting everyone and learning who everyone is.

This year across the school we will continue to target raising student achievement particularly in Literacy (Reading, Writing, Oral Language) and Mathematics. We will be focusing on understanding students and families strengths in the hope of assisting our students’ on their learning journeys at Somerset Crescent School and beyond. I wish everyone a wonderful term and look forward to seeing the fruits of everyone’s labour.



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