The Principal

Teena Johnson is the principal at Somerset Crescent School.

As I reflect on the 3 terms that I have been Principal of Somerset Crescent School it is the amazing celebrations and positive experiences that our students and families show us, and include us in on a daily basis that have been the most memorable so far for me.

It is the look in students’ eyes, and the smiles on their faces when they greet me, and share with me their work and achievements, and absolute love of being at our school that speaks a thousand words.

It is the sound of the scream of exhilaration as a team shares a well-deserved win on the courts or the field that brings chills down my spine, and encourages me to continue to make sure such opportunities and experiences are available to them.

And it is also the quiet and humble “thank you” from the students and their whanau when their child/ren are awarded and recognised for the effort they have put into their work, into our school and beyond into our community that means the most.

We should always remember to celebrate alongside each other as we continually learn the many, many skills it takes to become an expert at anything.

One of my goals is to provide many opportunities where whanau can celebrate and see what I speak of above when their child/ren are learning. I want to show my families how they can become a very important part of their child/ren’s educational success both now and in the future.

One way families have begun doing this is by involving themselves in our Whanau Hui, and learning effective skills and strategies from my amazing teachers. It is proving to be successful because those of you who are taking on board this advice and guidance are now seeing and hearing about your child/rens academic and social successes. It is through your involvement and encouragement via this home/school link, as well as the effective teachers who guide and facilitate their learning that is making a positive difference to how your child/ren are doing both at school and in the community. They now have an advantage and are achieving better in their reading, their writing, their mathematics, and also amongst their own peers and peers from other schools.

It is when you get on board with their learning goals – just like you get on board at sports events, and at cultural events that your child/ren succeed at an even higher level that what they normally would. Your influence, your support and your unconditional love in combination with your ability to teach from home makes an enormous difference that will in the future impact so positively on the success of your child/ren and your whanau as a whole.

I am grateful to be here and to share the journeys you are all taking alongside your child/ren. I am immensely proud of the effort and rewards that you are seeing, hearing and feeling. Most of all I am impressed by your attendance, by your involvement, and by the way you are putting yourselves out there so your beautiful child/ren (taonga) get the most out of school.

Ka kite ano

Teena Johnson




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